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If you need to contact the company either to report a problem or to obtain information, please use one of the methods listed below. Before contacting us though, please first take a look at the information page to see if your question has been answered :

Contact methods 
Redwood Estates Redwood Estates can be contacted to report any problems. If necessary they will contact CMSE18 Management Company Ltd to help resolve any issues or to schedule repairs.

Redwood Estates UK Ltd
Gunnery House
9 Gunnery Terrace
Royal Arsenal
London SE18 6SW

Telephone : 0208 316 8990
Fax : 0208 316 8991
Emergency numbers : Please refer to the notice boards.
Email :
Web :
Office hours : 9:00am until 6:30pm.

If you would like to draw the CMSE18 Management Company directors attention to any emails sent to Redwood Estates please remember to CC or copy your email to

By mail Mail can be delivered directly to the CMSE18 Management Company office 20 Lantern House. Do not leave letters on the table in the hall and please note that it will be quicker to contact Redwood Estates.

CMSE18 Management Co. Ltd
20 Lantern House
Connaught Mews
London SE18 6SU

E-mail Email's can be sent to :

Please note that these email addresses are not monitored on a daily basis. It may be quicker to contact Redwood Estates.

Redwood Estates email address :

Request forms 
Key request If you would like a copy of a key for access the pedestrian gate, the tennis coure, your own block or the post box on the main gate, please use the following form.

Please note, all flats have already been provided with copies of the necessary entrance and exit keys. If you have just moved in, the previous owner or your landlord should be able to provide you with a set of keys. As such, we now make a charge of 5 for replacement keys. This has become necessary due to the high number of requests.

Submit key request

Gate remote request Additional gate remotes can be purchased at a cost of 35 each.

Unfortunately the cost of these has now risen as we are no longer bulk buying and thus not qualifying for a discount.

Submit gate remote request

Gate Telguard change If the Telguard entry system is not connecting to your flat, or if you change your telphone number, you will need to contact Telguard directly and request a number change.

Unfortunately Telguard now impose a charge for updating their system, but this can be done over the telephone.

Gate Telguard change

Service charge standing order request To help with the cost of paying the service charge demand, it is possible to set up a standing order allowing you to spread the cost over the year. This facility is used by a large number of residents.

If you would like to use this facility or to find out more information, please click on the following link.

Request standing order

Sub letting flats If you intend to sub let your flat or are currently sub letting, it is required that you submit contact details (this is a stipulation of the lease).

Submit details

Useful local contact numbers 
Rubbish disposal Cleansweep Telephone : 0208 921 4661

For removal of large domestic items by the Council's Cleansweep team, contact them to arrange a call out. Items left by the paladin bins are not automatically removed. We then have to pay for the items to be removed and this charge increases your service charge.

See also : Refuse information

Greenwich Council The Greenwich Council website contains a huge amount of useful information on the borough such as rubbish recycling points.


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