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With a property of this age, problems do occur from time to time. Connaught Mews being a grade II listed building does sometimes require maintenance. We aim to ensure that problems are dealt with as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. Please let us know as soon as possible if you find a problem. Click here for contact details of Redwood Estates.

News from past years is also still available: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

January 2013 
  • A very Happy New Year to one and all.
  • The 2013 works list and budget have been prepared.
  • Quotes are being sort for repairs to the stone steps.
  • Artillery and Lantern - doors adjusted to ensure they close properly.
  • Problems with the main gate telephone system are being investigated.
  • Please do not leave any rubbish (including Christmas decorations) by the bins as the Council will not remove any left outside of the bins.
  • Artillery - garden gate repaired to stop it sticking.
  • Site inspection with Redwoods.
  • The service charge letters are being prepared.
  • We are having problems with the telephone system on the main gate. The gate will still open easily with a remote control. Residents can purchases these at cost from Redwoods Estates.
  • February 2013 
  • The service charge letters have been sent out.
  • The wooden step in Artillery House communal rear door to back garden has been repaired.
  • The drains have been cleared.
  • Monthly checks made to the gutters and the roof inspected.
  • Lantern House basement door lock repaired.
  • A new Teleguard telephone entrance box has been ordered for main gate.
  • Main gate telephone system scheduled for week commencing 24th Feb.
  • Some household furniture left by the bin area has been removed. The cost for removal will be passed onto the resident responsible.
  • Further tree works have been started.
  • New door handles have been fitted to some of the exterior doors.
  • The new intercom system has been fitted to the main gate, however there is now a fault on the telephone line. We are waiting for BT to fix it.
  • The fault on the main gate has been fixed and it is now operating normally.
  • March 2013 
  • The first phase of the tree works completed. We are now seeking the necessary permission for the next round of works.
  • Greenwich Council has been called twice due to non-collection of rubbish. They have reported that they have had problems with their trucks.
  • Internal inspection of all buildings and corridors has been made. Some paining will be required in places and this will be done throughout March/April.
  • All lighting (internal and external) inspected. 2 flood lights on Nightingale House needed repairing.
  • Repairs made to broken guttering on Artillery House.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance renewed.
  • Buildings Insurance renewed.
  • April 2013 
  • Greenwich Council are collecting rubbish on a Monday rather than Tuesday.
  • One of the LED lights in Artillery House hallway failed and was replaced.
  • The bike store roof at the rear of Artillery House has been strengthened.
  • Please park your cars facing away from the buildings - some residents have complained of headlights shining into the flats as cars pull out of the car parking spaces.
  • May 2013 
  • A rain water gravel channel drain was made at the rear of Artillery House.
  • A new window sill was fitted on top floor of Nightingale House.
  • The external door weather strips are being painted and replaced where necessary.
  • All entrance ways and stairways in all 3 buildings have been spot painted where necessary, for example to cover scuff marks.
  • An internal fire door in Nightingale House has been repainted and a new handle fitted.
  • A resident has fitted a new pump to the water feature in the back of Artillery House.
  • Please be aware that all the trees at Connaught Mews are covered by a tree preservation order and we need to seek approval for any works. If you see a tree that needs some work, for example trimming back a dead branch, then please contact Redwood Estates who will co-ordinate the work.
  • June 2013 
  • All the drain gullies and pathways have been cleared of weeds.
  • All the carpets were cleaned in all entrance ways and stairways for all the buildings.
  • An LED light in the rear entrance way to Artillery House has been replaced.
  • All the external and internal emergency lights to be checked.
  • The gutters on bin areas are to be cleared, as are Lantern House and Nightingale House internal roof rain water gullies.
  • July 2013 
  • A variety of jobs have been completed after an inspection.
  • Nightingale House fire retardant foam has been put in around the water pipes in the meter room.
  • All the drains and gullies have been cleared.
  • 2 rose bushes at the front of Artillery House have been replaced.
  • Repairs have been made to the cracked ridge on Artillery House roof.
  • 2 flat roofs on Lantern House have been replace.
  • The front steps and Nightingale House side steps have had the tarmac repaired.
  • 4 benches in the Mews' gardens have been sealed and repainted.
  • August 2013 
  • The cycle store padlock has been replaced. If you need a key please contact Redwoods.
  • For Fire, Health and Safety all corridors must be kept clear, this includes bikes that will be removed if they are left outside of flats.
  • Part of the ceiling has been repainted in Artillery House after a leak.
  • The intercom gate system has been changed - new fob codes and a new code for main gate. Please refer to the letter sent to all residents.
  • An LED light in the front entrance hall to Artillery House has been replaced.
  • Smoke detector batteries replaced as required.
  • New locks have been fitted to the entrances of Nightingale House.
  • The wooden benches by the tennis court have been sealed and repainted.
  • September 2013 
  • The dividing wall in the Nightingale House bin area has been removed to make it easier to access the bins.
  • Work will start soon repainting the exterior of the mews. Work will begin with the front of Nightingale House. Please take care while entering and exiting the building.
  • A sofa has been removed from side of Nightingale House bin area. Removing such items adds to your service charge. If you see anyone dumping items please challenge them and contact Redwood Estates .
  • Do not fix notes to the gates - any signs found will be removed. If your flat is not connected to the gate Teleguard system contact Teleguard to request a number change.
  • Please note that the Mews is a Grade II List building. It is not possible to make changes without the necessary permissions and strict planning consents. This included changes such as fitting double glazed windows.
  • Repairs have been made to the patio area at the rear of Nightingale House.
  • Repairs have been made to Nightingale House roof.
  • New cement rendering has been applied to an external window frame at Nightingale House.
  • New render has been applied to the external stairs of Artillery House.
  • Repairs have been made to the guttering at the rear of Artillery House and a rotten facia board replaced.
  • A split waste pipe at the rear of Artillery House has been replaced.
  • October 2013 
  • Ongoing work continues on the external painting of Artillery and Nightingale.
  • Checks have been made of all emergency lighting, smoke alarms, external and internal lights.
  • The front door lock of Artillery House has been replaced.
  • The top path near the tennis court that had been damaged by removing a dead tree has been made good with new tarmac.
  • The top floor of Nightingale House has been repainted after a small roof leak.
  • The carpets on stairways of Nightingale and Lantern House have been re-glued where they were coming away.
  • The external painting of Artillery and Lantern Houses have been completed.
  • The back door to the garden in Artillery House needed adjusting and repainting as it was sticking.
  • November 2013 
  • The top garden wall door by the tennis court has been repainted.
  • The trees on the Mews have stood up well to the storms but there are a few branches and twigs around so please take care while these are being cleared away.
  • New locks have been fitted to the Grand Depot Road gate and the front for or Lantern House. Spare locks are being made up for all main doors so that they can be replaced more quickly in future.
  • The AGM notifications will go out soon with a residents meeting early in December.
  • The main electronic gate has had a problem. An engineer has been call out and a new switch fitted.
  • All the drains and gutters have been cleared.
  • December 2013 
  • Repairs have been made and replacement of part of the guttering at the back of Artillery House.
  • The AGM has been held.
  • The quarterly check of all internal, external, and emergency lighting has been completed.
  • Some repairs have been made to Nightingale roof and a few roof tiles needed replacing.
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    Current Task List Summary 
  • Further tree works
  • Further lighting/security work
  • External painting
  • Path from the tennis court to Grand Depot Road (decision deferred for another year)

    If there is anything that you have noticed that you would like us to look into that is not on the list, please do get in contact with us and let us know.

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