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With a property of this age, problems do occur from time to time. Connaught Mews being a grade II listed building does sometimes require maintenance. We aim to ensure that problems are dealt with as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. Please let us know as soon as possible if you find a problem. Click here for contact details of Redwood Estates.

News from past years is also still available: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

January 2011 
Week ending
  • A very Happy New Year to one and all.
  • Work has begun on determining our 2011 budget and the level of service charge to be set.
  • Work is being planned to replace some of the leaking guttering, particularly at the back of Nightingale House. However we will not be commissioning the work until the weather improves.
  • We are also looking at plans to box in the gas meters in the courtyard at the rear of Artillery House.
  • The paint work at the front of Lantern House is flaking and will be repaired when the weather allows.
  • Week ending
  • Some residents are having problems with the lock of pedestrian gate. If you have problems please report them to Redwood Estates and do not leave the gate open. If the lock will not close reach through the gate an lock it from the other side.
  • A resident in Lantern House has left rubbish in the meter room. All residents have been contacted and if the items are not claimed they will be disposed of and the resident charged.
  • A new bulb has been put in the Nightingale House bin store new sensor light.
  • All the bulbs across the estates have been checked.
  • The door closing ram on the door at the rear of Artillery House has been replaced.
  • Week ending
  • Further work has been carried out on the rear of Artillery House courtyard garden by the water butts.
  • A circuit breaker had to be reset in Nightingale House to correct a problem with the satellite system.
  • Leaves have been cleared from the gutters of both bin stores.
  • All residents have been contacted about removing unwanted bikes form the baike store at the rear of Artillery House.
  • The lock on the pedestrain gate has been replaced. If you have problems with the locks please contact Redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • The bike store has been cleared of bikes that appear to have been abandoned. It has also been cleared of leaves and rubbish. Any bikes removed and not claimed in the next few weeks will be given away on Freecycle.
  • Work has started to clear the area under the arch in the basement of Lantern House. Please remember that for Fire, Health and Safety reasons nothing can be stored out side of your flat in the communal areas.
  • Please fill the bins at the rear of the bin stores first and try to compress your rubbish to allow room for others.
  • A bed base has been removed from side of Nightingale House bin area. Removing such items adds to your service charge. If you see anyone dumping items please challenge them and contact Redwood Estates.
  • The 2011 budget has been set but the service charge letters can not be set until we have agreed charges with Redwood Estates.
  • Febuary 2011 
    Week ending
  • A water leak has been repaired by the meters in Artillery House.
  • The Council failed to collect the recycling last week. If the recycling bins are full please use the main bins as any bags left outside of the bins will not be collected. This costs money and increases your service charge.
  • We hope to send the service charge letters next week. Would the few residents who paid their service charge late last year note that we will charge residents for any late payments this year.
  • We are monitoring the work of the new cleaners following a few comments regarding the dusting of some of the communal areas.
  • The high winds have brought down a lot of leaves and branches. If you see any problems please contact Redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • The broken and damaged railings around the estate have been welded, replaced where needed and painted.
  • Work will continue soon on the rear of Artillery House garden area.
  • The gutters on all three blocks have been cleared as well as around the bin stores.
  • The service charges letters will be sent out early next week.
  • Week ending
  • A tree at the back wall of Nightingale House requires trimming.
  • A possible boiler overflow issue has been reported.
  • Light bulbs around the site have been checked inside and outside.
  • A further letter relating to abandoned bikes removed from the bike store at the side Artillery House is to be sent. Any bikes not claimed will then be disposed of.
  • Week ending
  • A lamp shade has been broken at the top of the stairs of Lantern House and will be replaced soon.
  • The Council does not seem to have collected the rubbish this week and both recycle bins at the side of Artillery House are full. Please put all rubbish in the normal bins and do not leave black bags by the side of the recycle bins as these will not be taken away.
  • A new lock has been fitted to the Nightingale House garden door.
  • We are seeking Council approval for two of the trees to be trimmed in the Nightingale House rear garden,
  • March 2011 
    Week ending
  • A failed light bulb in entrance hall of Lantern House has been reported.
  • Boxes and rubbish left in lantern House have been removed.
  • All the service charge letters have been mailed and emailed.
  • The corner post at the flower bed in front of Artillery House has been secured again.
  • Week ending
  • The stairs in the garden of Artillery House and the courtyard at Lantern House have been power washed, as well as all the entrance steps.
  • All the communal windows have been cleaned.
  • A problem with squirrels getting into the roof void of Artillery House is being dealt with.
  • The leaking overflow in Lantern House has been reported to the landlord of that property who is sending an engineer to attend to the boiler causing the problem.
  • Week ending
  • All the smoke detectors across the site have been checked.
  • The Mews building insurance has been renewed.
  • A complaint has been made to the Council regarding the noise and dust from the demolition work of Peggy Middleton House on Saturday morning. The Council has said it is making investigations with its contractors.
  • An attic hatch has been installed in Artillery House to easy access to the loft area.
  • Week ending
  • The abandoned bikes removed several weeks ago from the store will be disposed of soon, however residents will be given one last chance to reclaim their abandoned property before it is deposed of. Please contact Redwood Estates.
  • We hope to compete the gutter work within the next few weeks, however Nightingale House needs quite a lot of new gutter and we are waiting for quotes to replace this.
  • Some problems with up dating the website have now been addressed.
  • We are investigating the possible purchase of some external gym equipment for the grounds and would welcome residents thoughts and comments. Please contact us using the information request page to air your views.
  • April 2011 
    Week ending
  • One lucky resident has won some fertilizer in a competition and has donated the prize for us to use on the lawns.
  • Please remember to park your cars facing away from the Mews buildings to avoid shinning your headlights directly into the flats.
  • Week ending
  • The front door lock to Lantern House has been replaced.
  • Some holes in the roof of Artillery House have been blocked to stop squirrels from entering the loft.
  • A repair has been made to the internal fire doors at Lantern House as they were not closing properly.
  • Week ending
  • Some internal door stops have been fitted in Lantern House to prevent the fire doors from being opened further than they should.
  • All the lights on the estate have been checked and few bulbs replaced.
  • Some stain block has been applied to Lantern House hallway ceiling and to the boxing in section at top floor landing,
  • Week ending
  • Faulty lights in the back of Artillery House staircase have been repaired.
  • Two large trees in the rear garden of Nightingale House have been trimmed.
  • We are looked at plans for the renovation of the rear garden of Artillery House.
  • All the bins are very full, please crush your rubbish.
  • May 2011 
    Week ending
  • Some cardboard boxes and electrical items have been left by the side of the bins next to Artillery House. Please make sure everything in placed in the bins otherwise the Council will not remove it.
  • Would the owners of the red and white vans in the car park please contact Redwood Estates.
  • If you need access to the cycle store please contact Redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • Pease make sure that all cigarette butts are disposed of properly and not left by the entrance doors or thrown out of windows.
  • We are trialing a new window cleaner.
  • Squirrels in the loft above Lantern House have been removed.
  • Week ending
  • When parking please park your car facing way from the flats to avoid shining your headlights into the buildings as you leave.
  • Please make sure that all black bags are place in the bins. A black bag left at the side of the bins in the Artillery House bin store has been ripped open by foxes.
  • Redwood estates have conducted a tour of the gardens with the gardeners.
  • Week ending
  • If you require access to the bike store please contact Redwood Estates. You will need to be able to show you are a resident to get the lock code.
  • A television has been left by the bins at Nightingale House. Anything left by the bins will not be collected by the Council unless you contact Cleansweep.
  • Squirrels have been reported in the loft of Lantern House again.
  • Week ending
  • Door stops for Lantern House fire doors have been replaced.
  • Stiff door hinges at Lantern House have been greased.
  • The water damaged area of wall next to Lantern House entrance has been repaired and repainted.
  • Some holes being used by the squirrels to access the loft areas are to be blocked.
  • June 2011 
    Week ending
  • The rear drains of all three blocks have been cleared.
  • The top floor ceiling in Nightingale House has been painted.
  • All the gutters to all three blocks have been cleared.
  • The red van that was thought to have been abandoned has been removed.
  • Week ending
  • The office room in Lantern House has been cleared.
  • The lighting problem in Lantern hallways has been partially resolved but further bulbs need replacing.
  • New plants have been put into the boarder of the path leading to Artillery House - please do not attempt to step over these as they are being damaged by a few lazy people not sticking to the path.
  • Week ending
  • A leaking lower water pipe at the back of Artillery House garden has been repaired.
  • We are currently working on painting the railings on the whole estate, this is an ongoing job.
  • Notes have been posted with the details of the window cleaner we now use and are happy to recommend.
  • Week ending
  • We are meeting with the companies on site who we intend to use for the tennis court resurface
  • Lantern House residents have been asked if the would the Spanish sword plant by the front door removed.
  • The gardeners have been asked to plant something to screen the garden store.
  • July 2011 
    Week ending
  • The guttering at the rear of Nightingale has been repaired and all the gutters have been cleared.
  • Work is underway to repair and paint the front doors of Lantern House.
  • A lamp shade and some bulbs have been replaced in Lantern House.
  • Week ending
  • A water leak in Artillery House has been attended to.
  • A child's cot has been left by the bin next to Artillery House. Please remember that anything not put in the bins will not be removed by the Council. The cost of removing such things increases the service charge.
  • A blocked drain has been reported at the back of Lantern House. This has been caused by fat being poured down the drain.
  • Week ending
  • The old TV aerial stored in the bike shed will be removed.
  • Work has continued on the damp in the courtyard at the rear of Artillery House.
  • The management team have met with Redwood Estates to review work.
  • Week ending
  • Some cables and a junction boxes have been replaces in the loft of Artillery House.
  • The drains at Lantern House rear have been cleared and a repair made to the front door lock.
  • The electronic gates have been modified to have extra sensors and some messing added for safety.
  • A wasp nest in Lantern House has been removed.
  • A new globe light has been fitted in Lantern House energy saving lamps fitted in the entry hall & corridor.
  • Week ending
  • The main electronic gate has been repaired after it became stuck open.
  • Some minor repairs have been made to walls in Lantern House.
  • Please do not park by the gates while the work on resurfacing the tennis court is in progress.
  • Nightingale House garden door lock has been repaired.
  • Missed delivery? Remember to check the mail box on the gate for a card. For a small charge residents can obtain an extra key from Redwood Estates.
  • August 2011 
    Week ending
  • A faulty light sensor in Nightingale House has been replaced.
  • The two canons that were placed next to the old Victoria gate to celebrate the occasion when Queen Victoria visited the area have been moved next to the Artillery House bin area. We plan be renovated these and find a suitable place for them in the gardens.
  • The tennis court has now been re-surfaced. The court lines will be marked out in the next few weeks.
  • We are investigating the use of a tennis court cover for the winter months to protect the new surface.
  • Please keep an eye on the drains during the heavy rain and report any blockages to redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • The low growing trees branches overhanging Grand Depot Road are to be trimmed back.
  • Work has continued on painting the railings around the estate as well as rubbing down and painting the Artillery House rear garden door.
  • The Nightingale House dormer window on to the roof has been re-sealed to prevent leaks.
  • The gutters have been cleared.
  • Week ending
  • The Artillery House front door lock has been tightened up.
  • New lines have been painted on the newly resurfaced tennis court. Please do not enter the court area until it has dried. The net will be replaced shortly.
  • A dehumidifier has been temporarily installed in the basement of Nightingale House to help dry out the carpet that had become wet following a leak.
  • Further work is being scheduled for the area at the rear of Artillery House to address the damp issue in the rear courtyard.
  • Week ending
  • A dishwasher and other household items have been removed. Please note that residents found abandoning items like this will be charged for the removal. Please contact Greeenwich Council Cleansweep for help disposing of any items that will not go into the bins.
  • New plants have been planted in the lavender bed at the corner of Artillery House. A temporary fence has been put over them to protect them while they become established. Please avoid stepping over the flower beds.
  • Fire exit signs across the estate have been rechecked and where necessary additional ones put up.
  • September 2011 
    Week ending
  • Artillery House rear door closer has been adjusted so that the door does not slam. The closer is not strong enough for the weight of the door so it requires regular re-adjustment, but we will investigate if there is a cost effective replacement.
  • Work has been done in the metre rooms to fill gaps around the pipe work to prevent smoke release in event of fire.
  • A leaking kitchen waste water pipe has been repaired at the rear of Artillery House.
  • The management team have inspected the site and completed a new schedule of works.
  • Week ending
  • We have completed a new schedule of works and passed this to Redwood Estates. However if you see anything that requires attention please do contact Redwood Estates know.
  • Work continues at the rear of Artillery House with concrete rendering removed and materials removed from site.
  • The AGM date will be announced next week.
  • Cracks in the plaster work around the entrance at the rear of Artillery House are being investigated.
  • Week ending
  • Cracks in the main door arch at the rear of Artillery House have been investigated and a structural report obtained.
  • Several residents in Artillery House have reported problems with the lights dipping as the power appear to drop.
  • The locks to the Office have been changed.
  • Problems have been reported with the mail electronic gate. A faulty circuit board has been diagnosed as the problem and a new part has been ordered.
  • Week ending
  • The main electronic gate is now working properly again.
  • Several drains have been unblock drains and the dripping overflow pipe at Lantern House has been investigated.
  • The garden door gate at the rear of Artillery House has been shaved to remove the expanded wood which was causing it to stick.
  • Further work has been done repair walls in Nightingale House caused by damp.
  • Work on the rear court yard of Artillery House has been delayed while suitable paving is found.
  • October 2011 
    Week ending
  • Work has begun to restore the canons by removing the rust where the canons had been buried.
  • Work has continued to the railings around the estate.
  • Holes under the guttering have been blocked after it was reported that birds were getting into the attics.
  • The cannons have been painted with red oxide paint to help protect them.
  • Week ending
  • A roof repair has been made to Lantern House after slight leak.
  • Work continues on the renovation works to main front door at the rear of Artillery House.
  • The cracked render has now been been removed, the lintel repaied and the arch replastered.
  • A damaged waste pipe to rear of Artillery House has been replaced.
  • Week ending
  • Please do not chain Bikes (or anything else) to the railings - they are part of the Mews Grade II listing status and need to be protected from any damage. If you need access to the bike store please contact Redwood Estates. We are looking at extending the bike storage area, but in the mean time any bikes left attached to the railings will be removed.
  • For safety please ensure that the pedestrian gates are locked behind you.
  • UK Power Networks have been working on the temporary dip in power problem reported by some residents.
  • After a slight delay while a suitable date was found the AGM has now been set for Friday 18th November at 6;30pm
  • Week ending
  • The power supply problem has been rectified. There was a fault in the mains supply to Artillery House.
  • Work on the repairs to the lintel over the main entrance at the rear of Artillery House has been completed.
  • A new door closer has been fitted to the ground floor internal fire door in Nightingale House.
  • Work has begun on the communal window repairs in Nightingale House.
  • Week ending
  • Work is underway in Artillery House to repair internally the back door.
  • A repair has been made to bin store gutter at the side of Artillery House.
  • All the gutters and drains have been checked and cleared where necessary.
  • All the external lights have been checked and replace where needed including the front electronic gate lights.
  • November 2011 
    Week ending
  • Work has continued in Artillery House on the front communal door and surround.
  • Work has continued in Nightingale House on repairs to the walls.
  • Commenced restoration works to the front communal door and surround of Nightingale House.
  • A survey of the site has been done to plan for the position of additional smoke slarms.
  • Week ending
  • Additional smoke alarms have been fitted in Nightingale House.
  • The site has been surveyed for any problems with internal lighting.
  • An external connection as been made to fix the telephone line running to Lantern House.
  • All the slabs in the Lantern House court yard have been lifted, the tree roots trimmed and the slabs relayed.
  • Week ending
  • The work at the rear of Artillery House is nearly complete. The new plaster work has been painted.
  • A repair has been made to the guttering at the rear of Artillery House.
  • Further tree works are required and regrettably one of the horse chestnut trees will have to be removed as it is a very poor condition. We are investigating obtaining a suitable replacement and what further tree works are required, for example the small trees overhanging the car park by the side of Nightingale House.
  • The AGM was held on the 18th November at 6:30pm.
  • Week ending
  • The recent survey has shown that on balance residents would prefer not to have outdoor gym equipment installed.
  • Several florescent lights and spot lamps situated at the main entrance gate have been replaced.
  • Some furniture dumped by the bin area has been removed. The cost of removing such items puts up the service charge. Please contact Redwood Estates or Greenwich Council if you need help removing large items that will not fit in the bins.
  • We have had to order some emergency tree works to several trees that have become rotten and in a dangerous condition.
  • Some repair and paint work has been done to the area above the old main Nightingale House.
  • December 2011 
    Week ending
  • Emergency tree works have been completed.
  • We have been investigating possible solutions for the rear Artillery House door sliding bolt. The bolt is difficult to slide up and down and some residents have not been securing it after opening both doors.
  • The old bike cover at the rear of Artillery House car park has been removed.
  • 10 bags of grit/salt have been put in the salt bins in preparation for the winter.
  • Week ending
  • The roof tile/slate that came off the back of Artillery House will be replaced.
  • The management team has had a review meeting onsite with Redwood Estates.
  • The white drain pipe work in the rear garden of Artillery House has been painted black to match the rest of the pipes.
  • The door closer at the rear entrance of Artillery House has been adjusted and repaired as the arm had come loose and this was causing it to rub on the top of the door.
  • Week ending
  • An external company is on site to survey emergency lighting requirements.
  • The Nightingale House garden door has been repaired to strengthen it and to enable it to lock properly.
  • The new bin lid has been fitted to the broken bin in the bin area at the side of Nightingale House.
  • Week ending
  • The painting at the rear of Artillery House courtyard area has been completed.
  • Lantern House door has been shaved to stop it from sticking and not closing properly.
  • A very merry Christmas to everyone.
  • Week ending
  • Please remember that the dustbin men will not take away Christmas trees and you need to arrange for their proper disposal.
  • For everyone's security please make sure that all the gates and doors are kept locked.
  • Our insurers have confirmed that we will not be facing any significant increases in premiums this year.
  • A very happy New Year to one and all.
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    Current Task List Summary 
  • Further tree works
  • Complete the painting of railings
  • Path from the tennis court to Grand Depot Road
  • New emergency lighting
  • Resurface steps to the main entrances

    If there is anything that you have noticed that you would like us to look into that is not on the list, please do get in contact with us and let us know.

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