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News on the Mews 2009

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With a property of this age, problems do occur from time to time. Connaught Mews being a grade II listed building does sometimes require maintenance. We aim to ensure that problems are dealt with as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. Please let us know as soon as possible if you find a problem. Click here for contact details of Redwood Estates.

News from past years is also still available: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

January 2009 
Week ending
  • Happy New Year to one and all.
  • An engineer has been on site to ensure the electronic gate new circuit board was programmed properly. A new receiver has been ordered to help over come the intermittent problem with opening.
  • Someone is still leaving black bags next to the bins and not putting them in the bins. This will attract foxes, cats and worst of all vermin.
  • Additional fire exit signs have been put up.
    Week ending
  • A light in the wall by the main gate has been reported as faulty.
  • Clearing the gum equipment has begun.
  • A meeting has been help to review 2008 budget and the setting of the 2009 service charge. Service charge letters will be sent out shortly.
  • A residents meeting will be called shortly.
  • A blocked drain has been reported at the front of Artillery House. If you see any blocked drains please contact us as soon as possible.
  • The new Woolwich DLR station opened Saturday 10th ahead of schedule.
    Week ending
  • The guttering at the back of Artillery where the two water butts are will be fixed Monday.
  • The front door at the back of Artillery House has issues with the door closers again.
  • We are investigating better lighting for the bin areas and the doors to the rear courtyards.
  • A resident has abandoned a fridge and washing machine by the Nightingale bin area. These have been removed and the resident will be charged. If you need to dispose of items either contact Cleansweep or Redwood Estates who will be able to help.
  • Some residents are still leaving things in corridors. This could impede exit in the event of a fire and must be removed.
  • There are a number of lights out around the Mews. If you spot a light not working please contact Redwoods who will be happy to replace it.
  • Fire evacuation notices have been added to the notice boards.
  • The main electronic gate has been repaired to stop it slipping.
  • A meeting has been held with the accountants to review 2008 expenditure.
  • The old gym equipment by the Artillery House bin area has been donated to a local rugby club.
  • There will be a residents meeting next Wednesday 21st Jan 7pm at 20 Lantern House - all welcome. The main agenda items are; major works and the service charge.
    Week ending
  • The old gym equipment has been removed and Greenwich Council Clean Sweep have removed a dishwasher from besides Artillery House bin area.
  • The main electronic gate antenna receiver has been replaced to help overcome the intermittent problem with some remotes.
  • Work has begun to take down some of the dead trees around the Mews. One large tree has been removed between the tennis courts and the car park and another that was hanging dangerously over the tennis court. These trees (and others) will be replaced.
  • A residents meeting was held on Weds 21st. The main topics were there service charge and work around the Mews.
  • The service charge letters will be be sent out soon. Please note that the service charge should be paid as quickly as possible.
    February 2009 
    Week ending
  • New lighting has been installed in the bin areas and round the garden gates.
  • Several exterior lights have been replaced. If you notice that a light is not working please contact Redwood Estates.
  • We have now received 4 quotes for the interior decoration.
  • Several of the exterior doors have problems with the door closers. These will be replaced.
  • The service charge letters have been sent out. Please note that the service charge should be paid as quickly as possible.
  • Redwoods and the management team have completed a tour around the Mews to review work and to update the works list.
  • Week ending
  • Please take care in the snow.
  • Most of the paths have been cleared and gritted.
  • The weight of the snow on the sensors on the main electronic gate caused it to fail. A repair has been made in an attempt to prevent this happening again.
  • The spiky plant in front of Nightingale House has been trimmed to keep it clear of the path.
  • The pedestrain gate locks have been oiled. The gates should be kept locked at all times. If you have any problems with the gates please contact Redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • Work has begun on the internal decoration starting in the front side of Artillery House.
  • For some strange reason the bins are very full this week. Please make sure you crush boxes etc and never leave rubbish outside of the bins, including black bags. If the front bins are full check the others as the bins at the back of the enclosures are usually emptier. If all the bins are full try the other enclosure and contact Redwood Estates.
  • Just to remind residents that the service charge is due now. Reminder notices will be posted next week.
  • Week ending
  • The paving stones in the rear courtyard of Artillery House have been extended so that residents do not need to walk across the grass.
  • Work has begun to clear the compost heap by the tennis court. This area will be re-landscaped and will have additional seating to over look the tennis court. The soil removed will be reused elsewhere around the mews in the beds and to level out a few of the steeper banks.
  • A new lock has been fitted in Artillery House.
  • 5 or 6 new trees are to be planted. If you have any views of the type or location then please contact Redwood Estates
  • Service charge reminder letters have been sent.
  • March 2009 
    Week ending
  • All of the water butts have been cleared and the ones at the back of Nightingale House bin area repaired.
  • All the gutters and drains have been cleared.
  • The compost area has now been cleared and the area seeded with grass seed. Please try to keep off these areas.
  • Work has begun to plant the new trees.
  • A path is being made around the outside of the tennis court.
  • The guttering at the back of Nightingale House has been repaired.
  • A bike left out in the main car park has been taken. Please ensure bikes are stored in the bike shed behind the bins at the back of Artillery House. Please contact Redwood Estates for access to the bike store.
  • We have completed a survey of the trees on the Mews and all the tress have been tagged.
  • Week ending
  • The 5 new tress have now been planted.
  • The main electronic gate stuck open due to leaves and rubbish around the sensors. If you see any rubbish please be neighbourly and put it in the bins and if you see the gate is stuck please contact Redwood Estates.
  • Please note that the service charge is an annual amount and due when the service charge letters are issued. You can only pay by instalments by paying in advance of the service charge i.e. you can start paying for next years charge (2010) in instalments now.
  • Plans for a garden store and new tidier compost heap on the site of the old compost heap/area by the tennis courts are being considered.
  • Week ending
  • The management team have meet with Redwood Estates to review progress.
  • The sites for the 4 new benches have now been agreed.
  • Some wooden shelves have been left in Nightingale bin area. Please do not leave anything outside of the bins as the bin men will not remove it. The cost of removing such items is added to your service charge.
  • Work has started on painting the interior of the back of Artillery House.
  • Week ending
  • Some of the paving slabs at the front of Artillery House have been jet washed.
  • A bike has been chained to the bike shed railings. Please contact Redwoods Estates if you need the combination to access the bike store.
  • A chair has been left in Nightingale bin area. Please do not leave anything outside of the bins as the bin men will not remove it. The cost of removing such items is added to your service charge.
  • The Mews insurance has been renewed with the same company. Please click here for our insurance details.
  • The rear doors to Artillery House have been repaired and painted.
  • Week ending
  • Rubbish! The Nightingale House bins have been filled with boxes and furniture left beside the bins. Please be considerate and arrange for Greenwich Council Cleansweep to collect your larger unwanted items and give away anything you can on Freecycle which costs nothing, helps the local community and keeps things out of landfill sites.
  • A small water leak in Artillery House has been attended to.
  • The main electronic gates stuck open this morning but have now been reset.
  • There has been a delivery of compost which will be stored temporarily in the car park at the back of Artillery House until it is spread on the garden beds.
  • April 2009 
    Week ending
  • A picnic bench has been put next to the tennis court.
  • Work has begun on landscaping around the new compost area.
  • Residents are reminded that there is a no pets clause in the lease. Any visiting pets should be kept under control.
  • A residents meeting will be held later in the month.
  • Week ending
  • The garden store has now been put on the site of the old compost area.
  • Internal decoration is progressing well in Nightingale house.
  • The guttering at the rear of Nightingale needs repairing a scaffolding platform will be used.
  • The gardeners are making a path around the tennis court.
  • The area behind Nightingale bin area has been cleared.
  • Week ending
  • The paths at the back of Artillery House have been jet washed.
  • The flickering light on the front gate has been reported to Redwood Estates.
  • Several cars have had notes placed on them for their owners to contact Redwood Estates to ensure that they belong to residents.
  • Greenwich Council has been informed that a wooden post in Woolwich New Road outside of Connaught Mews has been knocked over.
  • Work has resumed on painting the exterior now that the weather is improving.
  • Week ending
  • The bin areas at the back of Artillery and Nightingale Houses have been washed out.
  • Work has begun to strip and repaint the main iron work archway in the central courtyard.
  • Work is progressing well on the painting of the interiors.
  • The London Marathon will be passing the Mews this Sunday.
  • The guttering at the rear of Nightingale House will now be repaired next Monday.
  • May 2009 
    Week ending
  • Some rubbish has been left by the Nightingale bin area - this has been removed.
  • The garden gate at the back of Artillery has been oiled.
  • Some equipment has been removed from the office and store rooms.
  • Please note that the cleaner is on site on a Wednesday and will hover, dust and polish all the skirting, shelves, banisters in the community areas.
  • The light below the key panel on the main gate has been repaired.
  • Week ending
  • The brambles by the wall on the way to the tennis to be cleared.
  • The tennis court fence is to be repaired and the corners painted with anti climb paint.
  • The back door lock of Nightingale to the rear garden has been checked and will be replaced.
  • The broken wooden post out side of the main Mews entrance has been repaired.
  • We have begun to strip the metal arch at the front of Lantern at the top of the steps in preparation for painting.
  • Week ending
  • Meeting with Redwood Estates to walk around the Mews on Monday to inspect progress.
  • The conifers at the back of Artillery and Lantern House are to be trimmed.
  • A fire, health and safety inspection is to be scheduled.
  • There is a problem with the lock on the main pedestrian gate next to the main entrance.
  • Week ending
  • A new lock has been ordered for the lock on the main pedestrian gate next to the main entrance.
  • Several tress overhanging the car park are to be trimmed.
  • A problem with the communal TV aerial system has been reported in Artillery House.
  • All corridors and stairways are to be cleared prior to the fire, health and safety inspection.
  • Several marks on the paint work in the corridors has been reported. These will be touched up.
  • Work has started to strip and repaint the railings and light over the steps to the central courtyard.
  • Week ending
  • The gullies and drains have been cleared of leaves and debris.
  • The main pedestrian gate next to the electronic gate on to Woolwich New Road has been repaired.
  • The guttering at the rear of Nightingale House has been repaired.
  • Several light bulbs have been replaced at the rear of Artillery House.
  • Fire, Health and Safety inspection to be organised.
  • June 2009 
    Week ending
  • Work has begun to repair the fencing around the tennis court and quotes to be sought to re-tarmac the court.
  • The main drains at the rear of all 3 buildings have been cleaned.
  • The guttering on the bin stores has been repaired and cleared.
  • Further quotes are being sought for replacing the path from the car to the tennis court.
  • Two benches have been put up. One at the rear of Nightingale and the other by the tennis court. Further work will be required to finish painting and varnishing all the benches.
  • We have received a number of complains about people parking outside of the designated parking spaces - please respect others and park only on the sides.
  • Week ending
  • The repainting of the court yard light has finished.
  • Please do not attach notes or notices to the main gates. If you are having problems with the gate telephone system (Telguard) please contact Redwooods.
  • A new cleaner has been appointed and will be on site every Tuesday. If you see any cleaning problems please contact Redwooods.
  • Repairs have started on the railings at the rear of Nightingale.
  • Week ending
  • The tennis court fencing has been repaired where the wire has been bent over at the corner posts. We believe this was due to someone climbing over the fence. If you need a key to access the tennis court please contact Redwooods. Please note that the tops of the fencing have been painted with anti-climb paint.
  • The Leylandii tress at the back of Artillery have been reduced in height to allow in more light.
  • Decoration at the rear of Artillery House being completed. There is also a little more to do in Lantern House.
  • The drains did not cope well in the heavy rain on Monday. All the drains have been cleared and all the flooding was quickly cleared. If you see any drains needing clearing e.g. of leaves please contact Redwooods.
  • Week ending
  • The fire, health and safety inspection has been booked - please ensure all corridors and hallways are kept clear.
  • Investigating alternative provision of communal satellite.
  • Two hovers and a suitcase have been left beside the bins at the side of Artillery House. Please put ALL items of rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Door closing rams have been fitted to the basement doors in Lantern House.
  • Abandoned items have been removed from outside the back of Lantern House to enable us to comply with fire regulations.
  • July 2009 
    Week ending
  • Investigate and repair roof leaks in Lantern and Nightingale Houses.
  • Ladder brackets put on wall in bike store.
  • Drains across the whole estate jet and cleared.
  • Back of Artillery House garden area cleared or debris & weeds.
  • Health & safety officer visit to site.
  • A broken drain cover at the back of Artillery House replaced.
  • Week ending
  • Nightingale House store now has a working light & double plug socket.
  • New tap installed at the back on Artillery House.
  • Nightingale House basement carpets cleaned.
  • The lights in the rear court yard of Artillery House have been repaired.
  • Week ending
  • The main electronic gate failed when lightening caused the power to fuse. This has now been re-set.
  • The Council have fitted locks to the recycle bins. This is because residents have continued to put non recyclable items such as polystyrene blocks in them.
  • The garden gate by the tennis court is being left open. For security it must be kept locked at all times.
  • The ladders in the bike store have been secured to the wall.
  • Work has begun on replacing the path to the tennis court. This will take some time - please take care while the work is underway.
  • Week ending
  • The trees overhanging the path in Grand Depot Road are to be trimmed to keep the path clear for pedestrians.
  • Some paint splashes from the redecoration have been reported in Lantern House.
  • AGM proposed date 19th Aug - please note this has yet to be confirmed.
  • New drain covers have been made up for whole estate to try to allow storm rain water flow rather than be blocked by leaves.
  • August 2009 
    Week ending
  • Trees trimmed on the other side of the mews - Grand Depot Road and up and down Woolwich New Road.
  • The office door lock has been changed.
  • Paint splashes removed from in side and outside of the mews.
  • Door closer added to door up by tennis court leading to Grand Depot Road.
  • AGM confirmed Weds 19th Aug 8:00pm in the company office - all residents welcome.
  • Week ending
  • A leaking overflow pipe has been reported at the front of Lantern House.
  • Work has started to paint the railing at the rear of Lantern and Nightingale house. Please take care of the wet paint.
  • Exterior plaster work at the back of Lantern House has been repaired and repainted.
  • Several leaks have been repaired.
  • The water to the Mews was temporarily cut by the water mains works in Claydown Mews.
  • Week ending
  • The brick path to the gate by the tennis court has been completed.
  • We are having a problem with the skip hire company. We hope that the skip will be removed this week.
  • Remember the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Weds 19th Aug at 8:00pm in the company office 20 Lantern House. All welcome. Come meet the management team and have your say about what work should be done around the Mews.
  • We are seeking quotes for re-surfacing the tennis court and extending the path works.
  • Please note that further interruption to the water supply is planned for Artillery House Thurs 13th
  • Week ending
  • The AGM was held on Weds 19th Aug. It was agreed that the main priorities for future works are further path work, the tennis court, tree work and the rear court yards.
  • Some residents are having problems with the lock on the Grand Depot Road pedestrian gate. If you have problems contact Redwoods Estates.
  • Please park in the designated areas and avoid blocking access to the pedestrian gates.
  • The areas either side of the new path have been filled in with soil and grass seed.
  • Week ending
  • The light on the pedestrian gate and the light in the wall leading to Woolwich New Road are to be replaced.
  • Some new plants have been put out in the courtyard gardens.
  • A meeting with Redwood Estates has been organised to review progress and the remaining budget.
  • If you arrange for a collection with Clean Sweep please ensure that they know where to collect the items.
  • September 2009 
    Week ending
  • The light in the wall leading to the main pedestrian gate has been repaired.
  • Replacement lights over the pedestrian gate have been ordered.
  • Problems have been reported with the main pedestrian gate and the Grand Depot Road gate. New locks have been made up. If you have any problems please contact Redwood estates.
  • The water tap at the back of Artillery has been repaired.
  • Week ending
  • The main gates failed but have now been reset. Please note that the gate onto Grand Depot Road should only be used for vehicle access in an emergency and should be closed immediately after use. If the mail electronic gates fail please contact Redwood Estates - their emergency contact number are on the notice boards in entrance hall of each building.
  • Two mattresses have been left in the Artillery House bin store. Although these had a note on them, the council have failed to take them away. When you contact Cleansweep to collect large items of rubbish please make sure they know where to find them and please make sure that they do take the items away.
  • The grass at the front of Artillery and Lantern House is to be racked to remove the dead moss. The lawn will be re-sown but make look a bit sorry for itself for a few weeks until the new grass comes through.
  • The lock on the pedestrian gate at Grand Depot Gate has been replaced. It is a bit stiff but does work. If you have any problems contact Redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • The lock on the main door of Nightingale has a broken key in it. Redwood Estates will be replacing it.
  • The trees next to the entrance to lantern House have been trimmed to remove excess growth near to the ground and to allow more light into the basement flats.
  • One of the very large overgrown clumps of Yukka plant in the main courtyard area has been removed. The roots will now be dug out and the area reseeded with grass seed. Unfortunately the plant had become unsightly, it was blocking light into the flats and the roots were damaging the bank.
  • Several cars in the car park have been reported as possibly abandoned. Notices have been put on the cars but if you are the owner of one of these cars please contact Redwood Estates as soon as possible.
  • Week ending
  • The lock on the main door of Nightingale has been replacing.
  • Work has begun to remove the large patch of spiky plants immediately in front of Lantern House.
  • The Thames Water has posted notices of further temporary water cuts due to the ongoing mains repairs in Claydown Mews.
  • The notices were taped to the main entrances which has damaged the paintwork. Please challenge anyone you see attempting to attach any notices and direct them to Redwood Estates.
  • October 2009 
    Week ending
  • The main gate has failed due to a power failure but has now been reset and is working properly
  • The lawns in the main court yard area have been aerated, sanded and the worst areas seeded. The rest of the lawns around the Mews have also been aerated and fertilised to improve drainage, reduce compaction of the soil and feed the lawns.
  • The spiky plant in front of Lantern has now been completely removed and the ground levelled and seeded.
  • Week ending
  • We are investigating ideas and costs for large planters to be for the front gates. If you have any suggestions please contact Redwood Estates
  • Some residents are still not putting rubbish in bins. Please do not leave anything outside of the bins. The Council will not remove it and it costs us all to pay for it to be removed. If you have any larger items of rubbish please contact Cleansweep.
  • Low voltage bulbs have been fitted in the back garden of Artillery as normal bulbs were constantly blowing.
  • Two abandoned cars have been removed form the car park.
  • Week ending
  • Lantern House front door bolt has been fixed after a resident forced the door open.
  • The back of Lantern House has been cleaned & weeded.
  • Work has started on new exterior lights for the central courtyard which will finish next week. Three less powerful lights with their own sensors have been bought, one for each block.
  • Bulbs are to be planted along the sides of the new path to the tennis court.
  • Week ending
  • Please note that satellite dishes can not be fitted to the Mews as it is a listed building. We operate a communal satellite system via Community Vision.
  • We are considering changing the code for the main gate for additional security. Some previous residents are continuing to use the car park.
  • Two out of three new exterior lights have been put up in the central court yard following complaints that the single light was too bright and not reaching all areas.
  • For security please do not leave any of entrance doors open. If you find a door unlocked please lock it immediately.
  • November 2009 
    Week ending
  • The third court yard light has been installed but we are considering putting in a weaker bulb to prevent glare into some of the flats.
  • One of the water butts at the rear of Nightingale bin area has been replaced.
  • The pond at the back of Artillery House has been cleared of leaves and topped up.
  • The drains and roof gutters have been checked and cleared where necessary as a lot of leaves are now coming down.
  • Week ending
  • Lighting at the front of Artillery House has been repaired.
  • Some residents are still leaving items outside of the bins. Please note that the Council will not take anything left outside of the bins and we have to pay for these items to be removed. This adds to your service charge. If you see anything outside of the bins please be neighbourly and pop it in a bin.
  • An inspection has been made of the grounds and few minor jobs noted.
  • Two new planters have been added by the main gates. We are considering two more for the other gates, possibly larger containers. If you have any comments please do contact Redwood Estates.
  • Week ending
  • The 1st Directors will be meeting soon with Redwood Estates to discuss next years service charge. If you have any comments or suggestions please do contact Redwood Estates.
  • New low energy light bulbs have been fitted to Nightingale and Artillery House interior corridors.
  • The duck tape left from Thames Water leaflets cleaned off all main front doors & some windows.
  • The Thames Clipper river boat service is now accepting Oyster 'pay as you go'.
  • Week ending
  • First Directors have met to review budgets and next years service charge.
  • A plan of the cable runs from the lofts has been drawn up.
  • Some rubbish has been removed to the dump. Please ensure any contractors you use dispose of their rubbish properly and do not fill our bins.
  • All drains on the estate cleared of leaves.
  • Week ending
  • A large pot plant has been ordered for the front gate, the two smaller pots will go by the grand depot gate
  • The gardener has been asked to spend extra time if needed to make sure all the leaves are cleared from the main estate drains
  • Please park considerately. The parking bays are clearly marked with metal plates in the brickwork.
  • Work list for 2010 reviewed with Redwood Estates
  • December 2009 
    Week ending
  • Exterior down pipes by Nightingale House bin area and the of the building have been extended to run straight into the drains.
  • Another bench will be put on the site on the left side of the main green pointing towards the grand depot gate.
  • The main gate failed due to the volume of leaves on the sensors. The leaves have been cleared and it has been reset.
  • We are investigating clearing & repairing the gutters next year.
  • Week ending
  • Problems have been reported with the Grand Depot Road gate. It has been oiled but if you encounter problems please contact Redwood Estates.
  • A loft inspection hatch has been installed in ceiling at Lantern House hallway.
  • The office fax line has been cancelled, please correspond using our email address
  • A car has hit and damaged the Grand Depot Road wall. The police and our insurers have been informed and the area secured. Please take care in this area.
  • Some hallway lights have been replaced. If you notice a ligt out please contact Redwood Estates and do not assume someone else has let them know.
  • Week ending
  • One of the Nightingale House interior light sensors has burn out. A replacement has been ordered.
  • All the drains on site have been checked and cleared where necessary.
  • Would the owner of the red Toyota MR2 please contact Redwood Estates before we take action to have it removed.
  • An isurance claim is now being processed to cover the damage to the Grand Depot Wall.
  • Week ending
  • The salt bins have been checked. More salt will be ordered in case we have more snow.
  • The Mews has been checked for blown bulbs.
  • The new light in front of Lantern House is to be moved to the side of Artillery House where there is less light.
  • A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.
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    Current Task List Summary 
  • Further tree works
  • Painting of railings
  • Resurface the tennis court

    If there is anything that you have noticed that you would like us to look into that is not on the list, please do get in contact with us and let us know.

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