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News on the Mews 2005

With a property of this age, problems do occur from time to time. Connaught Mews being a grade II listed building does sometimes require maintenance. We aim to ensure that problems are dealt as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. Please let us know as soon as possible if you find a problem.

News from last year is still also available: News from 2004.

January 2005 
The external light next to the Nightingale House bin enclosure has been fixed. This broke over the Christmas period.

Also, we have finally managed to get hold of a stock of replacement globe fittings for the internal communal areas. Please be careful when moving items of furniture through the hallways as these fittings are made of glass and shatter easily.

Our regular cleaning lady has been ill since mid December. A replacement has now been found.  
February 2005 
Service charge
As you are all probably aware, the service charge has gone out for the year 2005. This year there are no major works as such requiring section 20 notices but as mentioned in the December newsletter there are some planned maintenance items. This has meant a reasonable reduction in this year's demand.

A mistake by Labyrinth in Fareham has meant that the ground rent demands were not included for non-freeholders. A second demand has been sent out. This year, cheques should be made payable to Labyrinth instead of Connaught Mews as stated in the demand. This change has unfortunately become necessary due to a change in Labyrinth's working practices and also changes in the law. This is also explained under the Management section.

Lantern House Front Door
The cylinder on the front door to Lantern House has been replaced following reports that it was beginning to stick with certain keys.  
Work has been progressing to tidy up the area to the rear of the tennis court. A lot of garden waste had been accumulating. Work has also started to clean up the tennis court - a full wheelbarrow full of moss has been removed but far more is still needed.  
The gates have been vandalised by children (27.2.2005). The aerial has been slightly damaged but is still working. You might find the remotes are currently working at a slightly reduced range.  
March 2005 
Works have been completed on the guttering on all blocks. About 20 lengths have been replaced. If you still see any leaks, please contact us.  
Lantern House Basement
The problem next to the south fire exit has been worked on again. It is thought that this is due to leaking pipework inside the wall.

The problem on the other wall appears to be due to a leak in the adjacent bathroom and is being looked at.

Gate Lighting
The lights on the entrance gates are now working again. This was due to water getting into one of the lamps causing it to fuse the sensor.  
Gate failure
The motor on the gate has burnt out. Markham's were meant to be fixing it on the 22nd. They were called out immediately, an engineer turned up on the 19th to look at it. The motor was supposed to be long life. Due to the electrical fault on the system we have had to switch the Telguard entry phone system off.

Update: We hope to get the gate fixed first week in April.

April 2005 
Bike wheel theft
There has been a theft of a front wheel from the locked bike enclosure behind Artillery House. For your own security, please make sure that all wheels are locked together to try and reduce the risk of further theft.

The padlock has also broken and will shortly be replaced.

Post is currently not being delivered to individual flats. The Post Office have been informed of the problem - because of their new call centre system, this may take a few days for the complaint to reach our local branch.  
Gate failure
The gate is still not fully working. Despite many calls to Markham's and multiple engineer visits it is still failing to close correctly. We now have video evidence of the problem and so hopefully Markham's will be able to solve the problem soon.

Update: the gate is now working correctly. A factory setting on the new motor was set incorrectly.

Gate Lights
The lighting on the gate was not working 100%. The new sensor that was fitted appeared to be faulty, this has now been replaced.  
Abandoned trailer?
A trailer behind Artillery House appears to be abandoned. If you are the owner of this trailer please contact us as soon as possible. Arrangements to have it disposed of will be made at the end of May.

Update: Thankyou. The owner has now been identified.

Tennis Court
The first phase of the tennis court restoration is now complete. The court has been fully jetwashed. Painting, re-lining, net and posts are now scheduled.  
May 2005 
Mouse poison has now been laid around Nightingale House following continuing reports of problems.  
Bike Enclosure Lock
For those residents using the bike enclosure, a new combination lock has now been fitted. All existing users have been given the new combination. If you would like to use this facility, please contact us.  
Lantern House Drains
The drains in the gully at the front of Lantern House have now been rodded as water had been pooling.  
Electrical Works
Various electrical works around all three blocks have now been completed. These include new lighting arrangements and electrical safety improvements.  
Tree in Wall
The tree growing in the Woolwich New Road wall has been removed. This has been a problem for a number of years.  
Drain Cover
The drain cover in the gully of Artillery House has now been fixed.  
June 2005 
Gate Failure
The gates have once again been repaired. The engineers have replaced a faulty wheel. The second wheel is going to be replaced when the worn track is replaced. As a result of this, the gates do appear to be running a lot quieter.  
Lantern House Front Door
The door closer for the Lantern House front door has now been adjusted to stop the door from slamming shut.  
Garden Door Lock
The garden door lock next to the Artillery House bin enclosure has been replaced.  
Mews News
Copies of this news page will now be distributed quarterly, as not everyone has web access.  
Artillery Bin
The Council have finally replaced the bin with the missing lid in the Artillery bin enclosure.  
Bike Theft
A resident in Nightingale House has reported a theft from the bike enclosure (12.6.2005), another resident has also posted the following report.  
Artillery House TV
The TV reception in Artillery House has now been fixed (16.06.05). An engineer replaced the amplifier as the power supply on it was causing interference.  
Nightingale Bin
The Council have now replaced the bin with the broken castors in the Nightingale bin enclosure.  
July 2005 
Bike Theft
There has been another motorbike theft last night. The garden door near to the tennis courts has also been damaged. If you saw anything suspicious that night, please contact Labyrinth.  
Biochem were on site today and have laid down poison in both Nightingale and Lantern House. There have though been further reports of problems and further action has been planned.  
Light fitting
The broken light fitting in the basement of Artillery House has now been replaced. The lights for the courtyard side have also now been fixed.  
September 2005 
Gates Damaged
The entrance gates have been damaged by the Council refuse collectors whilst driving in. Unfortunately they then attempted to use force to get out after the gates jammed closed. The north gate was opened for them. Markhams have been contacted to come out and open the gate tonight. Further repair works will then proceed as soon as possible.

Update: Markham's arrived around 4pm and have freed the gate.

Works have started to repoint the chimney stacks on Lantern House. These works were scheduled at the start of the year.  
An exercise bike has kindly been donated by one resident for use in the gym. This replaces the broken one.  
Biochem have now been on site 4 times. If you are still experiencing any problems with mice in your flat please contact Labyrinth immediately.

Update: 11/10/2005 - More poison has now been laid around Nightingale House as the original traps had been emptied.

Tree Works
Works to remove as much of the deadwood from the trees as possible was carried out. A great deal of wood has been burned. Many thanks to those who came to help.  
We have disabled the entrance gate again as it has starting having problems similar to when the motor was replaced. It is failing to open and close fully. Markham's have been contacted but a date for repair has not been given to us. Unfortunately this means that the Telguard system is also off.

Update: 3/10/2005 - Markham's have been and fixed the open/close problem, we are still waiting for an update of when the damage repairs will be carried out.

Post Delivery
The post office has assured us that post will return to being delivered through our letterboxes. This has been a result of our normal postman being on holiday.

When the mail is not delivered to the door, complaints are raised. Please help though by complaining individually on the Royal Mail website, the more complaints they receive from residents the more likely they will take notice.

Update: 6/10/2005 - Following the gate repair, mail was not being received at all. The local office did not have our gate remote. They thought our usual postman who was still on holiday had it.

Update: 20/10/2005 - See the following page.

Update: 21/10/2005 - They have not been able to find their original remote, a replacement remote and a pedestrian gate key have been issued to them today.

October 2005 
The conifers between Nightingale House garden and Lantern House have now been cut.  
NH Garden Door
The concrete surround on the Nightingale House garden door has now been repaired.  
LH Lights
The lights in Lantern House should come on slightly earlier now.  
NH Drain
Additional support clips have been fitted to drain to the rear of Nightingale House following reports that it was loose.  
November 2005 
Directors & shareholders AGM. New first directors have been appointed. A decision on the carpets was also made - A slate coloured heavy duty carpet with a slight pattern + underlay.  
December 2005 
Pedestrian Gate
The pedestrian gate (Grand Depot Road side) has been eased again and should now be closing again more easily.  
Grit bins
The three grit bins have been topped up ready for the Winter.  
The first directors have finally received a gate release key from Markham's (after many requests). This allows us to manually release the gates in the case of a failure or a power cut. Labyrinth have also been given a copy.  
Pedestrian Gate
The damaged lock on the gate next to the tennis court has been replaced. The door can now be used again. We are still waiting however for the damaged surround to be replaced.  
Mice update
The following update was sent to all Nightingale and Lantern House residents concerning the mice problem.  
General Repairs
The Nightingale House courtyard light is now working again. A bulb has been replaced in the Lantern House entrance hallway. The Lantern House front door has been adjusted again.  
Christmas Update
Christmas 2005 update. Details of the year's progress and information on next year's service charge.  

If there is anything that you have noticed that you would like us to look into that is not on the list, please do get in contact with us and let us know.

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