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News - Christmas 2005 Update

Christmas 2005 Update

The year is almost over, with Christmas and the New Year once again upon us. We have had another busy year here at Connaught Mews as I am sure you are all aware. David Shaw has now stepped down as Chairman but has been replaced by three new first directors who are all helping to get matters sorted out as quickly as possible.

This year the main problems have centred on the gates, the post, damp and mice. Thankfully the first two of these seem to all be sorted now but the problems we have been having with damp in the communal areas are still on going. Hopefully the plans we have put in place to solve the problems with mice will also prove successful. On a more positive note, the chimney overhaul on Lantern House this year was a success with some of you commenting on the quality of the workmanship.

The gates have definitely had a bad time of it this year. First vandalised by youths, then failure of the gate motor (and the torturous efforts to get the replacement to actually work) all topped off with being rammed by the council refuse collectors. To try to help improve the gate's reliability, we have arranged for a service contract on them. This unfortunately though still does not cover parts failure. Markham's have also finally (after 6 months of asking) supplied the first directors and Labyrinth with manual gate release keys for the new motor so we will be able to open the gates in the event of a power cut or other failure.

The problems we have all been having with abandoned cars are slowly being worked through one by one. Two more cars have been successfully removed this year.

The new carpets were finally actioned at this year's company AGM with works hopefully scheduled to start in early January. Works for the repair to the Nightingale House entrance will also soon be underway.

There are plans in 2006 to investigate adding some additional lighting to some of the outside areas such as the gates and euro-bin enclosures as there has been some interest in this from some of you. This is hoped to improve safety near to the gates and also bin usage, making it easier to take the rubbish out at night. We also hope to carry out some improvements to the tennis court.

There are also plans to get everyone involved in putting our views forward to the council with regards the Woolwich Love Lane redevelopment. Our main concern being the proposal to erect a 25 story tower block immediately adjacent to the Mews; More on this in the New Year.

The service charge demand has already been calculated ready for January. Based on the works planned for next year combined with the fact that no major works are scheduled, we can announce that the charge will be 1,132.78. (2005 was 1,172.13 and 2004 was 1,431.15). This will be going out early in the New Year. As always, the company website will be regularly updated on news events.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas.

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