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Mice Update

Dear Nightingale & Lantern House Residents,

As I am sure you are all aware, these blocks are having continuing problems with a mice infestation. As some of your already know, you can discover their presence in your flat through seeing grease smears on running boards, finding droppings or gnaw marks, or by hearing gnawing or scuttling behind the walls or floors. Also, mice tend to come indoors as the weather gets colder.

Above all, mice need food, but not much. Only 3 grams of solid food will feed a mouse for a day. They mainly eat grain, but will in fact eat anything that is available. Please help by keeping your food sealed away, not left out and check for any damage to your food packets or cupboards.

Mice are also strongly attracted to ill-stored refuse. Please make sure all rubbish is placed inside the euro-bins outside which some residents are not currently doing. Please do not under any circumstances leave bags of rubbish in the communal corridors or beside the euro-bins. If the bins are full please try to use the bins located at the other end of the Mews.

We have attempted on numerous occasions to try and address this problem. The specialist company Biochem has been called out each time to try and contain the problem but without success. These visits have now cost you (via the service charge budget) well over 600, all without any sign of improvement. It has become clear that unless all flats can take a stand against this problem together, it will not be solved.

With poison put down in one flat, the mice simply seem to be moving to another flat. We cannot afford to keep allocating funds from the service charge for this without seeing some results. Instead, we propose to purchase our own poison and traps and ask that ALL residents place them into their flats. 600 would have been able to buy us two or three large tubs of poison per flat if needed. Should these measures still not prove effective, we will need to add an additional cost to the service charge to cover this additional expenditure, which I am sure we all want to avoid!

Please note, those flats that have already been visited by Biochem should still be covered by a guarantee. According to Biochem, you will be able to contact them directly to arrange for a further callout at no extra cost. Please check this first before arranging a callout, as you will need to pay for any additional costs that you incur.

Tubs of poison will soon be placed into the hallways, please help yourself to as much as you need along with some plastic trays. Any container however will do should these run out, such as an old saucer. Please take care whilst handling the poison and read the warnings on the packing if you are at all unsure about the necessary precautions that are needed. You do this at your own risk.

For this to work, it will require all residents to actively assist in resolving this issue in a responsible and consistent manner.


Note: 17/1/2006 - We have been informed by Biochem that their guarantee is only valid for 3 months after their initial callout. The cost per call out though has been reduced to £47 from 68 if it is arranged via Labyrinth.

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