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News - Royal Mail Problems

Here are copies of the notices regarding the problems everyone is having with the Royal Mail:

Complaints can be raised to the post office at the following links:

Notice 1 - 13th October 2005

We have received the following back from the Royal Mail. It turns out that our normal Postman had not passed the gate remote and keys on to the stand-in whilst on holiday, hopefully we will be back to normal soon.
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 09:05:35 +0100

Further to my previous email, I have now received a response from the local
Delivery Office who have confirmed that they are aware the stand-in
Delivery Officer has experienced difficulties in gaining an entry to the
concerned premises.  The office is currently looking into options to resolve this.

They have also conveyed their apologies for any inconvenience caused as a
result and are offering assurances that the matter is now in hand with a
view to a prompt resolution.

I hope that this now clarifies the matter for you.  I am confident that the
measures put in place by the Delivery Office will resolve any current
concerns you have.  If this proves not to be the case and the problem still
persists, then please do not hesitate to contact us quoting our reference
number, 1-1572897531 and we will look into this further for you.

In the meantime, may I also add my apologies for the obvious distress and
disappointment this matter has clearly caused.

Thank you once again for contacting us with your enquiry.


Naila Khan
Customer Service Advisor

Postwatch is the Independent consumer body for the Postal Industry. They
can be contacted by telephone on 08456 013265, or by writing to Freepost

Notice 2 - 20th October 2005

The saga continues, further complaints had been made last week following last week's feeble reply from their call centre and assurances from Woolwich. The reasons given for their poor service have also been changed.

We have been in contact with the Woolwich Post office manager again and it turns out there are a number of issues. Here are the reasons that were given:

  1. They have been having problems with staffing levels, holiday leave and sickness.
  2. There were problems regarding access. Our old postman had failed to return our keys and remote to the office and so his replacements were not able to gain access.
  3. The local delivery officer manager is new to the job and was not aware of the arrangements we have made for them to gain access. The manager had not explained this to him.
  4. We no longer have a dedicated postman! He has been taken off our route to help in other areas. It appears we now have whoever is available to do the route; this will also include temporary agency staff.
  5. They are aware that mail should be delivered to each flat but this as you can see is still not being explained to each person delivering.

The situation at the moment is that they are now in possession of the keys again and so there is no excuse for not delivering to the flats. The keys are being kept personally by the manager and will be given to the delivery officer doing our round on a daily basis.

Some of you have already raised complaints directly to the Royal Mail, if you have not already done so please do. If they receive 61 complaints about the problems we have all been having, somebody might listen.

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