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News - Incident

News - Incident

The following was posted in the incident book by a resident in Nightingale House.

Residents Beware!

Attempted Theft! At Approximately 1 am this morning (Sunday 12th June 2005) Two Lads where spotted jumping the front gate (main entrance) of Connaught Mews and then making there way to the back of the site towards Artillery house.

As I knew full well they did not live within the complex I decided to take a walk round to the side of Artillery house to where the Bikes and trailers are kept.

The Two lads where standing over the Jet Ski which is situated on a trailer around the side of Artillery House and as soon as they spotted us walking towards them they quickly jumped over and down the back wall and continued there way through the back gardens of the houses below. They were obviously planning to steal the Jet Ski or maybe one of the bikes situated in this area.

Whilst making our way back to the front gate I spotted another young lad hanging around who quickly hid behind the wall when spotting us, so we decided to take a look over the front wall via the grass bank, the lad then quick Jumped into a BLUE VAN (with a boxer dog in the front seat) and Quickly made his way off down Woolwich New Road the wrong way without his lights on. Unfortunately the Registration Number could not be seen.

I decided at this stage to call the police and log this sighting as this is something that has happened before when a bike was stolen and could potentially happen again, the police where very good and quickly sent a patrol car to look around the surrounding area.

This is obviously a very serious matter as I don't see how these lads where planning to get what ever they were planning to steal out of the front gate, my only thought is they were planning to drive the van into the complex by following another car in and then potentially do the same on the way out or even force or cut the power to the gate.

So please be extra cautious when coming home late and using the main entrance gate, as it could result in you being followed into Connaught Mews by a non residential vehicle or person.

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